I also hold a PhD in maths, see my academic work

Sven Balnojan

(Data/Technical) Product Manager
Data/ML Developer
DevOps Enthusiast

Hi! I'm Sven.

I'm a product manager & data developer in the realm of data. I like complex things, connecting business & technology and the B2B markets. I try to teach by writing about things I care about. I share my knowledge through blog posts, my data newsletter “Three Data Point Thursday” and some open source on GitHub. Read on, if you’d like to know more...

Writing & Talks

I write on Medium and sometimes hold a talk/workshop.

Newsletter #ThDPTh

I publish a data newsletter called "Three Data Point Thursday".


I enjoy writing open-sourced things on GitHub. Mainly implementations & examples of more complicated technical things, workflows, technologies etc.

Technical/ Data Product Management

Currently I work as data product owner and am writing a lot about product management with a focus on machine learning and data products. Examples are “A checklist to identify a machine learning opportunity” or “The three product owner no’s” . Previously I was involved in an early startup in the Business Intelligence sector and worked 5 years part time in a B2B marketing agency.

Data/ML Development

In the data realm I care both about Machine Learning and broadly Analytics. My focus is on larger topics like architecture, organizing processes and bringing software development best practices to the data world.

Some details:

DevOps Enthusiasm

I briefly worked as a DevOps guy in a data context, and what I learned impressed me. I still hold Infrastructure as Code Workshops and advocate for CI/CD or CD4ML in the machine learning world, ./go scripts, testing, testing, testing and many more techniques that are so essential to productivity in modern engineering teams. (And yes, I think every data team should work just like any other engineering/team)